Burglar Alarms

YALE Burglar Alarms

Need a NEW Burglar Alarm Installed, Ensure it is Simple to Use and Can Call Your Nominated Contacts in the event of an Alarm.



• Revolutionary, NO Residue on activation, will not damage property or articles
• Easy Install, can be integrated into an existing alarm system
• 5 Year Warranty
• Maintenance contract available
• Battery back up on mains failure

Why Ultra Protect:
Our family company do not employ sales people, we attend ourselves, offering a free and absolutely non-committal surveys, no ‘buy on the day’ savings or any other type of pressure, we assess, we discuss and we leave you with a price for you to consider at your leisure. Our engineers are expertly trained and electrically competent, with a discipline to treat your home with utmost respect whilst working, including leaving a finished job that you will be pleased and proud of. All customers also benefit from free Technical advice and Customer Services via phone for the life of your Burglar Alarm and Associated Equipment. A 12 month no-quibble parts and Labour warranty, that can be increased to a lifetime warranty with our competitively prices annual service contract.

We only sell and install top of the range products, in a constantly changing market there are 3 front runners we tend to lean towards, much depending on the type of alarm and equipment that you feel suits your application best. UltraProtect also offer some mighty deterrents that no burglar will wish to encounter, like our thick instant fog mist disposer, no damage to property or electrical equipment, but hell these perpetrators will not be able to see anything but the door they have just walked through and no doubt retreat through mighty quickly. Want to make their time there even more eventful, our strobe-effect LED lighting incorporated with the fog is not only blinding, but also completely disorienting AND if that is still not enough, be really wicked with the siren that deafens. We can give premise as near burglar proof as anyone can wish for and a culprit(s) who certainly wished they had stayed in bed for the day.