IF you are going to have CCTV, Insist on the Best…….. World’s ‘No.1 Brand ‘ Now in ULTRA 4K ( 3+ Year Parts & Labour Warranty)

• Worlds Leading Technology ‘Best in Brand’ Globally
• Clearest / Crisp / Defined ULTRA 4K Picture Quality
• Digital IP Network: Easily Extendable
• Install camera’s up to 300Meters away, Same Great Picture!!
• 24/7 Remote View, (Smartphone / PC / Tablet)
• Easy Use Record / Rewind / Save / Extensive History
• 3 Year FULL Warranty Parts & Labour

Why you Need Professional CCTV:
The surge in burglary and aggravated crimes has no doubt been contributed to by the lack of interest, predominantly down to funds and other pressing information gathering, (such as terrorism) for our police departments to investigate with the stretched resources they endure. It is a known fact that if your CCTV is not up to the required standard, with clear defined HD imagery, the police have their ready-made reason not to give precious time to investigate. However, give them the evidence and in the overwhelming majority of cases, this will be followed up with vigour.

Why HikVision:
IF you are going to invest in CCTV, why have anything less than the best? HikVision is the largest global brand of CCTV, revolutionary in product R&D, ground breaking in new technology, (the latest being Ultra 5HD launched 2019 and the only one on the market until competitors attempt to play catch-up). Systems that can be networked similar to multiple computers, giving access to cameras that you operate just as well whether in the same room, or 200 metres away, the same clarity, the same ‘actual’ time recording. Simple and easy to operate, simple to find any incident and extrapolate any wanted clips AND as many cameras as you wish for in your system. Including doorbell vision, (and voice interactivity). A free app showing in-time filming of your protected premises with access home or abroad 24/7.

Why Ultra Protect:
Our family company do not employ sales people, we attend ourselves, offering a free and absolutely non-committal surveys, no ‘buy on the day’ savings or any other type of pressure, we assess, we discuss and we leave you with a price for you to consider at your leisure. Our engineers are expertly trained and electrically competent, with a discipline to treat your home with utmost respect whilst working, including leaving a finished job that you will be pleased and proud of. We may not sell double glazing, but we endorse the famed ‘ you only buy once, so buy the best’. All customers also benefit from free Technical advice and Customer Services via phone for the life of your HikVision CCTV, oh and on that note, a standard UltraProtect NO-QUIBBLE parts and Labour 3 year warranty, underwritten by HikVision, if that is not enough a LIFETIME no-quibble parts and labour warranty with our competitively priced annual service contract.

There is a good reason why we only fit HikVision, UltraProtect have similar philosophies regards to being the best, endorsing continuous improvement and maintaining exceptional standards. Complete our enquiry form and find out more….without any email follow ups/unwanted phone calls/pressurised sales.