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As virgin bloggers go, please consider this baptismal blog as a shortened treatise on the motivation of Ultraprotect, highlighting a product that helps to underscore your core values: ultimate protection with outstanding products and reliability.
(Sorry Mom, I didn’t mean to suggest you were getting old or vulnerable!!)
Sound familiar? Have you ever found yourself trying to tackle the tricky combination of genuine loving concern with practical solutions, only to find yourself reluctant to broach the topic for fear of questioning a loved one’s independence?
Like you, we have also experienced this same scenario. Not really knowing how to initiate the debate, we found ourselves in that unfamiliar and potentially disrespectful territory, of being perceived as doubting the continuing relevance or value of one’s elders, whereas the only motive was genuine concern.
We were aware that independence was specific to the conversation, and were looking towards modern technology for a possible answer, a sort of “facebook” or “linkedin” for wiser elders. These people have little time for “likes” or “followers”, but would need efficient alerts or help if ever the need arose. Yet they wish to remain fiercely independent and uncluttered with elderly technological bling. For them, simplicity is the key.

The current concern you have for your loved ones, parent, relative or family member’s future, is the same concern that lead us to search for a solution – a permanently wearable 24/7 lifesaving device that is simple,simple,simple!!
We initially thought we would struggle to find an alternative that was free from the usual “care home” monitoring or pendant wearing offerings, something that would not only honour independence, but also have an impressive back-up plan if needed in case of a fall or accident, simple to use and with 24/7 comfort and reliability.
When we first discovered the Assure lifesaving wristband we were excited with the capabilities and technical expertise on offer. We quickly realised that this is the perfect gift for a loved one, in an age where books, gift cards and monogramed bath robes are so last year! So if you are struggling at gift time then the Assure lifesaving wristband could be your salvation. It would certainly be so for the recipient! We were so impressed with the wristband that we became UK agents, but not just any old agents like MI5 or the “men in black”, but more like the men in slacks…yes we are of a “certain age”! In fact we have such commitment to the Assure wristband that our family and friends have dubbed us THE FALL GUYS! The words of the Cyndi Lauper song – ‘if you fall I will catch you . . .time after time’ – say it all! Which of course sums up the capability of this product perfectly. So we are naturally going to run with that moniker! We have decided that blogging (perhaps that should read ‘bragging’) is about raising awareness of potential situations combined with viable solutions that may indeed save lives. Don’t take our word for it though; please go here to see statistical reports from The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) patron HRH Queen Elizabeth no less!! Or read the inventor’s story regarding his own Mother’s experience.
We believe the “lifesaving wristband” is a no-brainer in terms of its benefits. We as the FALL GUYS are now committed to getting these lifesaving devices into the hands of as many people as possible, initially through awareness, beginning with this blog. We will be providing monthly updates on the success of the uptake and feedback regarding this remarkable product. If, like us, you have been concerned about these issues, or have family members or friends that may qualify for this product, then please help us raise awareness. It is vital to get this lifesaving device into the hands of as many people as possible. So please forward this important information to anyone you think might benefit. TELL THEM IT’S FROM THE FALL GUYS!
Cheers for now!
Dave and Chris


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